Dear Muirfield, It’s the 21st century. Get over yourself.

Some of you, like me, may have read the news today to find out that one of Scotland’s most prestigious golf clubs has voted AGAINST allowing women to join.


In 2016, twenty-sixteen, the 21st CENTURY, the all-male members of Muirfield Golf Club failed to reach a two-thirds vote needed to allow female members citing concerns over thing such as “slow play”. Slow play. Really? Let me guess, the sight of boobs might put you off your putt for double-bogey?

We live in a nation ruled by a female First Minister, a nation where every one of our three major political parties are headed up by a woman. We have arguably the most diverse government when you look at the fact that four of our party leaders are gay.

So why do members at Muirfield place themselves so out of touch with the rest of the country? What allows them to live in the dark ages?


It’s nothing more than an embarrassment to the country that we live in. Scotland. “The Home of Golf”. I think they left out “ONLY IF YOU’RE A MAN” from the Visit Scotland advertisements.

I’d like to think I could call myself a golfer (despite a few months out of the game) but to know that women are being denied the right to play simply because they have breasts and a lack of junk downstairs is downright demoralising.

I can personally say that I’m pretty poor at the sport. Shocking to think, I know.

But what is true is the fact that my female neighbour and her daughter can play – and they’re better than me. Oh, and my aunt beats me and my dad every time.

Why, despite the fact that they can shoot a lower score than me, are they denied the chance to become a member at Muirfield whereas I – an average golfer at best – am allowed to play simply because of my gender.


Thankfully, the Open Championship’s governing body, the R&A, has swiftly removed the rights of hosting the competition from Muirfield – which is a step in the right direction.

From what I have seen at my own club, golf is a sport that is struggling to attract younger members and I can only imagine the effect that a story like today must have on any prospective female players.

Golf, like any sport, is meant to be enjoyed and diverse.

It should not be saved for the elite, the rich and the men who only care for themselves and their backwards thinking ‘traditions’.



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