SDL: You’re not welcome here and you never will be.

On Saturday, a small faction of Scotland’s shame brought it upon themselves to host a hate-filled demonstration in George Square.

The Scottish Defence League, or SDL, took to Glasgow’s city centre in a bid to put across their racist views – the view that immigrants and refugees are not welcome in Scotland.

It makes me laugh. No more than three months ago, thousands of Glaswegians joined refugees in the very same spot  to show solidarity with our new family.

Five thousand marched in support of refugees back then. On Saturday, no more than 30 people (and that’s an optimistic estimate) stood against.

Scotland is a progressive nation, that is a certainty. We’ve taken in more than a third of all refugees welcomed by the UK – more than any other country in the union.

It is this exact progression which makes groups like the SDL an embarrassment. They bring shame to our country, and we actively stand against them.

The fact that there were more members of Police Scotland in attendance at the rally than actual members of the SDL says a lot about the type of group they are. That, and the fact they were outnumbered 10-1 by a counter protest.

Scotland welcomes refugees. We do not, on the other hand, welcome the SDL.


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