Nikon Adventures: Castle Semple Loch

As you will probably have already noticed from my profile picture, I own a camera.

Now, I’m not saying I’m any good. Far from it in fact, but I am learning.

Having bought my Nikon D5200 DSLR originally for video purposes, I decided to lend my hand to snapping up some pictures. So here we go.

As often or as rarely as I please, I plan to upload these picture-based posts, entitled “Nikon Adventures” as I look to improve my camera work – aiming for around 10 pictures per post.

Bare with me – I’m currently teaching myself through a series of YouTube videos as to how to work the bloody thing, but I’m getting there.

Today’s post: My hometown’s Castle Semple Loch.

Enjoy! (Comments/advice welcomed).


The start of the trail.


The three pontoons at the Visitor Centre.


Just some boring nature stuff.


The Castle Semple Loch.


And again…


More greenery.


My favourite shot of the night: The loch from the site of the new pontoon.


Trying to work out shutter speed for a cool water effect.


Frog Life: Some wood carvings on the trail.



So there you have it.

I hope you enjoyed just a few of the pictures I managed to snap up on my travels. I’m sure I’ll be back posting more soon.


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