An old lady (sort of) turned 90 today and I’m proud to say Scotland doesn’t care.

Scottish people love a good party.

A day out in the sun (or cloud), a good old barbecue and a chance for a bev. We take any excuse we can to drink.

We’re a lively bunch, but today we aren’t celebrating. This is a stark comparison to England and other parts of the UK where the tables are out, alcohol is being consumed, food devoured and songs sung – and not just because they’re in the Euros. *le sigh*.

No. They were celebrating someone’s birthday. Sort of.

If you didn’t already know the ins and outs of our messed up Monarchy, Queen Elizabeth II has several “birthdays”.

Not only does she have her real one on April 21, but our grand overlord also celebrates a different birthday on selected days within realms of her Commonwealth. Today, was her second birthday 90th birthday – what a lucky girl.

I wonder what gift good old Philip got her. Maybe a new hat, or a diamond incrusted leash for the corgis.

Ironically, it’s Prince Philip’s actual 95th birthday today. How much of a downer would that be. It’s your actual birthday, yet the entire nation’s news outlets and thousands of members of the public only care about your wife’s fake one. I’d be gutted.

My dad always used to joke to me about getting a second birthday. Some years he’d even buy me a gift six months down the line from my actual birthday – “If it’s good enough for the Queen, it’s good enough for you.” I never understood the concept then, and I still don’t now.

If you haven’t already guessed, I’m against the Monarchy. The whole idea of it seems stupid to me.

Literally, check the state of this. A grown man in a gown carrying a sword to the sound of fanfare, in 2016. I wish people made that much effort on my birthday (sorry mum and dad, I’m only kidding).

I understand the history and that’s something that some people are rightly proud of. But in the 21st century to have someone perceived as being more important or more entitled than anyone else just because they have been born into a certain family is beyond me.

It’s like a lottery. Hey, you were born into the royals – here’s a life of luxury where the only real issue in your life is what flavoured jam you have on your scones. Oh, you were born into a family from a council estate in the west of Scotland? Tough luck.

And I’m not the only one who shares this view. Not a single application was submitted to Scottish council’s for a street party. Not one. Not only that, but around 12,000 people took to Twitter with he #ScottishStreetParty hashtag – taking the piss out of the pompous tea parties and celebrations down south.

And of course, thousands were out in a usual party spot – George Square – to express love for our great Queen:

Joking aside, the Queen is getting old. The though of death is not one to take easy, and I am not at all wishing it upon the royals. But, when the time comes, change is needed.

After her death, the people of the United Kingdom should be given an option. I know we’ve gone a bit referendum mad recently, but that’s the beauty of democracy.

For the first time in our lives, we’ll witness a man be handed the head of state – a change that might swing some people into realising the inequality of the situation.

As suggested in this Independent article on Queen Elizabeth’s real birthday, a campaign for a referendum will begin after her death – and it is one that should be realised.


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