Enjoy the little things.

First of all, I’d like to post a small apology for not blogging in the last few weeks.

Truth is, you see, is I’ve been out enjoying myself.

In a country that is being torn apart, where our political system is a laughing stock of the world, I’ve been out enjoying the privileges of life.

It started off with Magaluf. Of course. Five guys and I made the trip to the party island (a second year in a row for me) to spend a week with sun, sea and copious amounts of alcohol.

It truly is an alcohol filled Disneyland. Everywhere you look there is someone having a party. At times it almost seemed lawless – like we were in control. No matter how mental things got (and despite a number of people clearly being under 18) the parties continued.


For €30 a night I was treated to a free bar. I’m Scottish, so if you offer me anything that’s free I’ll take it, but free alcohol as a 18 year old led to little memory of most nights – I can only assume that was the idea.

Despite being over a thousand miles away from Glasgow, the overwhelming sense of Scottishness was apparent. We were there before the English had split up for their summer holidays, and oh how it was great.

That was until one night, the police had enough. A few hundred Scots, including my friends and I, took to the street outside a club belting out the Scottish national anthem among other songs from home. We were having a party. They put a stop to it – using tear gas.

That was the end of that night.

Then came T in the Park. Scotland’s festival. My festival. THE festival of the year.

Much like Magaluf, the festival promised alcohol. What it didn’t promise was the sun…just mud.

But we (my girlfriend Zoe and I) weren’t put off. I’ve been before and it was one of the best weekends of my life, so I decided to go again.

(P.S. – Zoe ran a film blog while we were at uni…check it out!!! )

From Alesso, Calvin Harris and James Bay, the musical talent on site was incredible…and a lot can be said for the up-and-coming artists in the BBC Introducing and T-Break tents, where we took shelter during the heavy downpours that often come with a Scottish festival.


Not only the music, but the general feel around the campsite and arena was great. Being surrounded by drunk people making a fool out of themselves can liven up anyone’s day…and a free McFlurry was a great added bonus.

The last few weeks have been action packed. I’ve managed to stay entirely attached to the crazy world of UK politics while at the same time having a great time with friends and family.

Next stop: The Isle of Arran…and my next photo blog perhaps?

Thanks for reading. Enjoy the little things.


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