Horror: The genre that is creeping into our lives

On Tuesday night I went to the cinema with my girlfriend. The choice? Lights Out – a horror/thriller.

Was that the only film we considered watching? No. But being a young couple in 2016, every one of our possible options was a horror. There is something about being scared shitless that brings out the love in every couple.

Whether it be the joy of hearing your significant other scream or just the need to move closer to them and grab on for dear life during jump-scares, the genre of horror has hit a mark with couples since its creation, and right now it seems to be taking over the market.

Our choice for film was a tough one. Did we want blood and guts with The Purge: Election Year? Did we want suspense with The Shallows? In the end we went for thriller. The trailer and reviews for Lights Out came out on top for us, especially one that dubbed it as 2016’s version of The Babadook – a film that truly made me shit my pants*.

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Battlefield 1 Beta: Taking war games back to the real war

The Battle of Romani, Sinai Dessert, 1916.

A war fought with cavalry, tanks, fighter planes and solid boots on the ground. A war brought to the twenty-first century with Battlefield 1.

In a gaming world with its heart set on advanced warfare and new technology, Battlefield creators EA took a step in the opposite direction, further back than they had ever gone before – the First World War.

And so, they released the Beta stages of the game. One map, two game modes and a hell of a lot of fun.

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