Scotland Welcomes You.

“I’m Scottish. If you live here, yer as Scottish as I am.”

That quote rings around my head today as Scottish Twitter shows once again we live in a country that refuses to tolerate xenophobia.

In a week that has seen endless headlines over the ridiculous plans to have British companies reveal their foreign workers, Scotland has had enough.

I was ashamed to see the backward-thinking plans. This isn’t a country I want to live in – this isn’t a ‘union’ I want to be a part of.

But, the #WeAreScotland hashtag made me smile.

Sparked by Nicola Sturgeon’s reaction to the speech given by Theresa May, our wee nation has yet again shown our difference from the U.K. Government in Westminster.

Whether you were born here, moved here 10 years ago or even moved here in the last few days, you are welcome in Scotland.

Take a look at some of the tweets proving exactly why #WeAreScotland:

(Note: Thanks to Scotland’s best Twitter-person, Sparklemonkey, for her tweet inspiring this blog.)


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