A month of tragedy: France, Orlando and Jo Cox.

It has been a month that has shocked the world. The stupidity of the football hooligans in France, the horrific homophobic attack in Orlando and now the murder of Jo Cox MP. It is a time that people would like to forget.

But we must not forget.

We started the month as we would any other, apart from perhaps an enhanced sense of optimism if you are from one of the many countries competing in the Euro 2016 football competition.

Fans have travelled in their thousands to France to enjoy some of the best football our continent has to offer. France, of course, still scarred from the horrific terror attacks just seven months ago that claimed the lives of 130 people in the Paris.

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An old lady (sort of) turned 90 today and I’m proud to say Scotland doesn’t care.

Scottish people love a good party.

A day out in the sun (or cloud), a good old barbecue and a chance for a bev. We take any excuse we can to drink.

We’re a lively bunch, but today we aren’t celebrating. This is a stark comparison to England and other parts of the UK where the tables are out, alcohol is being consumed, food devoured and songs sung – and not just because they’re in the Euros. *le sigh*.

No. They were celebrating someone’s birthday. Sort of.

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Nikon Adventures: Castle Semple Loch

As you will probably have already noticed from my profile picture, I own a camera.

Now, I’m not saying I’m any good. Far from it in fact, but I am learning.

Having bought my Nikon D5200 DSLR originally for video purposes, I decided to lend my hand to snapping up some pictures. So here we go.

As often or as rarely as I please, I plan to upload these picture-based posts, entitled “Nikon Adventures” as I look to improve my camera work – aiming for around 10 pictures per post.

Bare with me – I’m currently teaching myself through a series of YouTube videos as to how to work the bloody thing, but I’m getting there.

Today’s post: My hometown’s Castle Semple Loch.

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SDL: You’re not welcome here and you never will be.

On Saturday, a small faction of Scotland’s shame brought it upon themselves to host a hate-filled demonstration in George Square.

The Scottish Defence League, or SDL, took to Glasgow’s city centre in a bid to put across their racist views – the view that immigrants and refugees are not welcome in Scotland.

It makes me laugh. No more than three months ago, thousands of Glaswegians joined refugees in the very same spot  to show solidarity with our new family.

Five thousand marched in support of refugees back then. On Saturday, no more than 30 people (and that’s an optimistic estimate) stood against.

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Dear Muirfield, It’s the 21st century. Get over yourself.

Some of you, like me, may have read the news today to find out that one of Scotland’s most prestigious golf clubs has voted AGAINST allowing women to join.


In 2016, twenty-sixteen, the 21st CENTURY, the all-male members of Muirfield Golf Club failed to reach a two-thirds vote needed to allow female members citing concerns over thing such as “slow play”. Slow play. Really? Let me guess, the sight of boobs might put you off your putt for double-bogey?

We live in a nation ruled by a female First Minister, a nation where every one of our three major political parties are headed up by a woman. We have arguably the most diverse government when you look at the fact that four of our party leaders are gay.

So why do members at Muirfield place themselves so out of touch with the rest of the country? What allows them to live in the dark ages?

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