Taking A Break

Hello world, it’s me.

So, I haven’t made a blog post in months. Like…3 months. Sorry about that.

Basically, I’ve had a bunch of stuff on my plate. Uni assignments, work and just trying to enjoy life.

I will make it my New Year’s Resolution to try and post a bit more…I promise.

Watch this space for more.



Enjoy the little things.

First of all, I’d like to post a small apology for not blogging in the last few weeks.

Truth is, you see, is I’ve been out enjoying myself.

In a country that is being torn apart, where our political system is a laughing stock of the world, I’ve been out enjoying the privileges of life.

It started off with Magaluf. Of course. Five guys and I made the trip to the party island (a second year in a row for me) to spend a week with sun, sea and copious amounts of alcohol.

It truly is an alcohol filled Disneyland. Everywhere you look there is someone having a party. At times it almost seemed lawless – like we were in control. No matter how mental things got (and despite a number of people clearly being under 18) the parties continued.

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